Get Closer with UangTeman’s Business Model

This post published in DailySocial, August 5th, 2015.

UangTeman, a startup that lends you money, draws many negative responses. Firdaus Djaelani, Financial Service Authority’s Executive Head of Non-Bank Industry Supervisors, mercilessly (yet honestly) stated that UangTeman is a new form of userer that makes use of technology. Well, if you lend me a million with 1% of daily interest attached, I would prefer calling you a userer rather than a friend.

Such high interest is implemented by UangTeman since, sadly but true, its business model isn’t more modern than traditional bank’s, although utilizing technology within the operational process. Although users may practically apply for the loan online, first time users must still come to UangTeman’s office to complete the process. This forces UangTeman to establish a branch office in every city it operates.

This face-to-face process is UangTeman’s serious flaw. Every new branch office means more costs to spent. This is actually what startups need to avoid, by making everything online. Lanjutkan membaca