Invest through Equity Crowdfunding

This article published in Kompas, April 10th, 2021, page 13.

The recent development of financial technology opens up another investment options. Some investors may have built portfolios through peer-to-peer lending, now there are crowdfunding that offer investors a chance to take a profit and at the same time, helping a SME (small and medium) business to develop.

Crowdfunding allows people to raise funds to finance a business. For example, investor can crowdfund a business of boarding house or other property. They will get a share of the profit that depends on the performance of the funded companies. In general, this profit ratio can be higher that deposit interest. On the other hand, crowdfunding offers a chance for SME businesses to get funded, way more easy compared to applying for credit from banks or other financial institutions.

Crowdfund could be a new trend in Indonesia this year. OJK has issued a new regulation that could be a catalyst for the industry development. The regulation offers another option of fund raises. According on previous regulation, the issuing company can only raise funds in the form of capital share. Now with the new regulation, company can offer securities such as bonds or sukuk (sharia bonds). Lanjutkan membaca

Ide Cerdas Aksi Nyata untuk Agama dan Perekonomian

Kemarin-kemarin di timeline saya bersliweran teman-teman yang mengaku peduli dengan agama dan perekonomian. You guys, rocks! Really. Salut untuk kalian yang berbuat aksi nyata demi agama dan perekonomian Indonesia terutama karena saya belum berani melakukannya. Tapi guys, “cerdas” dan “nyata” menurut kalian dan menurut saya mungkin agak sedikit berbeda.

Di sini saya tidak bermaksud menilai kalian. Kalian saja yang menilai ide saya ini, cerdas dan nyata atau tidak: membuat fintech peer-to-peer lending berbasis syariah.


Salah satu ancaman yang mampu mengganggu kemapanan bank adalah fintech. Perusahaan-perusahaan rintisan yang memanfaatkan teknologi untuk melakukan bisnis yang sama dengan yang dilakukan oleh bank. Dua bidang bisnis bank yang riuh diramaikan oleh fintech adalah sistem pembayaran dan pembiayaan peer-to-peer. Lanjutkan membaca

Get Closer with UangTeman’s Business Model

This post published in DailySocial, August 5th, 2015.

UangTeman, a startup that lends you money, draws many negative responses. Firdaus Djaelani, Financial Service Authority’s Executive Head of Non-Bank Industry Supervisors, mercilessly (yet honestly) stated that UangTeman is a new form of userer that makes use of technology. Well, if you lend me a million with 1% of daily interest attached, I would prefer calling you a userer rather than a friend.

Such high interest is implemented by UangTeman since, sadly but true, its business model isn’t more modern than traditional bank’s, although utilizing technology within the operational process. Although users may practically apply for the loan online, first time users must still come to UangTeman’s office to complete the process. This forces UangTeman to establish a branch office in every city it operates.

This face-to-face process is UangTeman’s serious flaw. Every new branch office means more costs to spent. This is actually what startups need to avoid, by making everything online. Lanjutkan membaca