Personal Statement ke University of Edinburgh

Muhammad Andi Miftachul Huda

2022 Application to MSc in Finance, Technology and Policy – The University of Edinburgh

As a bank supervisor with a computer science background working in Otoritas Jasa Keuangan – OJK (Indonesia’s Financial Services Authority), I have been much involved in activities related to financial technology (fintech) including licensing digital related products, assessing bank and fintech institution collaboration, and examining operational and information technology risk. Currently, I am working on assessing a bank proposal to enroll digital onboarding using artificial intelligence for e-KYC identification, which has great potential in boosting inclusive finances by enabling people in remote areas with no bank branch to create an account. Although this process is already widely applied in UK & European bankings, Indonesia is still very new in adopting this technology. That is why I found it significant for me to seriously pursue this field by studying at a postgraduate level.

In regard to the programme, I found that the provided modules such as “Perspectives on Financial Innovation: Markets, Technologies, and Policies” and “Blockchain, Governance and Policy” could refine my skills to become a competent decision-maker and analyst, to guide appropriate regulation and policy to support fintech for inclusivity and prevent regulatory gap in technology application. OJK as the policy-maker needs to ensure high-quality supervision and regulation. In here, the knowledge and credentials obtained from the study will help me to contribute not only in supervising banks and fintech, but also helping OJK developing suptech and regtech to monitor the industry more effectively and to predict potential problems, instead of regulating after the fact. Lanjutkan membaca